5 April 2018

History of Javadi Hills

Spread across an area starting from Vellore to Singarapettai in length and from Polur to Alangayam in breadth, Javadi Hills is located in the border regions of Tiruvannamalai and Vellore Districts. Nowadays one particular place at Javadi Hills which is ever-increasing in fame and spiritual significance is the great monolith Parvathamalai. To learn more about this Hill (which is less than 25 kms from our own Arunachala), go to this link here.

Arunachala in distance from summit of Parvathamalai

Of late, a number of stone inscriptions, artefacts and rock structures, believed to be dating back to ancient civilizations, have been found at Javadi Hills by archaeologists and academics. Some of these relics are believed to have belonged to the periods of the Cholas, Sambuvarayar and Vijayanagara Rayars, making the hills a glimpse into the ancient past.

Javadi Hills

Unspoilt Javadi Hills

Dusk at Javadi Hills

The belief that part of the present day Javadi hills, could have been previously known as ‘Navira Malai’ during the ancient Sangam period is supported by the recent discovery of the below stone inscription at Pudur Nadu village (near Tirupattur) in Javadi Hills. The inscription contains a reference to Navira Malai, indicating these Hills could have been known by this name over 2000 years ago. 

Recently found stone with historic inscription

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