23 May 2006

Aspects of Arunachala

Further on the subject of power spots and sacred places.
It has often been believed that the cardinal directions of Arunachala correspond to certain qualities. The South is meant to be the most conducive for a spiritual life, the north for healing, the east for commerce and successful business enterprises and the west for strong earthly energetic influences.

After Ramana Maharshis mother Alagammal died on May 19th, 1922, Ramana would often walk from Skandashram to her tomb, which was located on the banks of Pali Tirtham, a tank at the foot of the southern slope of Arunachala. Incidentally it was at that point of time that the Maharshi came down permanently from Skandashram to settle at the base of the Hill.

Coincidentally the spot that Ramana spontaneously selected for the shrine of his deceased Mother, was at a site which is almost directly South of the Hill. One could further say that it is no coincidence that most of the Ashrams and residences of holy personages and saints are also located South of Arunachala.

Ancients, who perhaps had a stronger more developed connection with planetary and other worldly influences, further designated that the 8 lingams surrounding Arunachala each represent a particularised aspect of the Divine.

Indra Lingam (East) installed by Lord Indira, the king of Celestials, benefits long life and fame

Agni Lingam (South East) installed by Lord Agni, the God of Fire, benefits relief from diseases and fear

Yama Lingam (South) installed by Yama, the God of Death, benefits longevity of life span,

Niruthi Lingam (South West) installed by Niruthi, the King of Giants, benefits health, wealth and fame. Issueless can get children.

Varuna Lingam (West) installed by Varuna, the God of Rain, benefits relief from illness especially water related diseases.

Vayu Lingam (North West) installed by Vayu, the God of Air, gives relief from illness especially heart diseases, breathing and stomach problem

Kubera Lingam (North) Kubera, the God of Wealth, gives success with the Guru, wealth and improvement in life status

Easanya Lingam (North East) Easanyan gives peace of mind

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Divyakka said...

I am starting to see what a huge amount of knowledge there is to assimilate, regarding Arunachala! Also, when one knows which direction is better for certain things (and where to spend time around the Hill) the vibration of our own mental perceptions changes, thus helping us in whatever we want to achieve. So, Knowledge is definitely Power!