10 January 2016

Ramana Nagar Accommodation

Many readers have been in touch with Arunachala Grace requesting information about accommodation in the Ramana Nagar area here in Tiruvannamalai. 

For this reason, I am posting a short list of Ashrams, Guest Houses and Lodges in the Ramana Nagar area. Please get in touch direct with the various contact numbers to make your own enquiries and/or reservations.


Athithi Ashram 
Landline: (0)4175-237817
Mobile: +919940231628 

Seshadri Swamigal Ashram 
Landline: (0)4175-236999 
Mobile: +919443342521 

Siva Sannidhi Ashram 

Sri Ramana Maharshi Ashram 
Landline: (0)4175-236624 

Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar 
Landline: (0)4175-237567 
Mobile: +919443383557 

Guest Houses 

Arunachalam Guest House 
Landline: (0)4175-236120
Mobile: +919486722892 

Daya Dharma Guest House 
Mobile: +919842690554 
Near Siva Sakthi Ashram 

Mountain Breeze Guest House 
Landline: (0)4175-238711 
Near Siva Sakthi Ashram 

Pink Guest House 
Mobile Nos: +919043194989 and +919443542930 
Off Manuka Vinayagar Street (Post Office Street) 

Sesha Bhavan Guest House 
Landline: 04175-236983 
Mobile: +9442945619 
Near Quo Vadis Centre 

Vaaranam Guest House 
Near Siva Sakthi Ashram 


Aakash Inn Near Ramana Ashram 
Landline: (0)4175-235300 

Lakshmi Residency Inn 
Landline: (0)4175-236099 

Ramana Towers 
Mobile: +919442100656


Anonymous said...

This is very helpful information. Thanks Meenakshi Ammal.

Marianna said...

Thank you for this. Its excellent.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your great support to the readers of Aurnachala grance and valuable information about accommodations available in tiruvannamalai.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

There are two Major spots devotees like to stay at when visiting Tiruvannamalai. One is near the Arunachaleswarar Temple and the other is at Ramana Nagar, which is about 3 kms from the Temple and the hub of the major Ashrams in Tiruvannamalai.

This list mentions major spots within an easy 5 minute walk of Ramana and Seshadri Ashram, located off NH66.