29 May 2006

Importance of Moon at Arunachala

The moon (which has extraordinary relevance to Arunachala) is a powerful influence on the human psyche. This influence is celebrated in disparate ways during both Sivaratri and Poornima.

Each month there is Sivaratri and once a year Mahasivaratri. These times correspond to the phase of the moons cycle at its weakest. At these times its believed that the mind (which is adversely affected by the power of the moon) is less susceptible to low, animalistic forces and thus more tractable to the power of meditation.

Thus, Mahasivaratri (maha=great) is the one 24-hour period in the year which is of greatest benefit of all. It has been stated in the scriptures that if a man fasts, stays awake and meditates for the whole of Mahasivaratri, it will give him his best chance to achieve mastery of the mind and attain liberation.

Each year the number of pilgrims coming to walk around Arunachala during Mahasivaratri increases, but the numbers are nothing compared to the crowds coming to Arunachala for Poornima (Full Moon).

Poornima is the celebration of Full Moon and is believed to be the most auspicious for devotees to do circumambulation of Arunachala. Whereas the nights of Siva are usually associated with mastery of the mind and success of spiritual ambitions, Poornima is more about success of ALL heartfelt prayers whether spiritual or worldly.

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