23 May 2006

It's getting busy!

Many times I have heard regular visitors to Arunachala get irritated at the larger and larger crowds that seem to be turning up at Arunachala. In ten years everything has changed and whereas on a full moon night those days you may have met up with 20-30 people on the pradakshina path; nowadays that number will more like 100,000+.

Different saints have reported at various times that 'this is just the beginning', 'Arunachala will be the busiest and most famous pilgrimage site in India', and 'Arunachala will be the Rishikesh of South India'. Well, yes there certainly seem to be more saints, sadhus and the like getting ashrams and such places built.

But from my perspective it all seems very much like more of the same i.e. advaita based satsang and dissertations on self enquiry and surrender. What I wonder is how long will it be before more holistic and varied disciplines are attracted to Arunachala? Is the lack of such interested people because Arunachala previously seemed to be attracting the 'intellectual' type; those working from the head rather than the heart?

It is a fascinating subject and am looking forward to hearing other people on this.


Divyakka said...

Interesting thoughts! Yes, because of Arunachala’s reputation and connection with famous “advaitists,” it attracts mainly those interested in self-inquiry. But the presence of powerful bhakthi-orientated saints (and saints from other Paths) could bring in more diverse crowds. Do you know of saints from other Paths living there, and if so, who are they?

Also if devotees of different paths living in Arunachala speak out and connect with others around the world (like you are certainly doing), people will start to know that Arunachala is a holy place where people of all paths can be inspired.

Arunachala Living said...

In later blogs will be giving information about other saints living at Arunachala. Also recommend www.arunachalasamudra.org for information about other saints and their connection with Arunachala.

Have no doubt that this is the beginning of a 'new time' for Arunachala in response to the difficulties and problems in the world and FROM NOW ON Arunachala will be attracting many folk from diverse and different paths.

Praise the Lord!

vs said...

I would like to make a small observation. I have been visiting Tiruvannamalai since 1996 and in the last 2 or 3 years, I have seen posters of various swamis, claiming to be enlightened who conduct satsangs and retreats. I have met David Godman a few times (during my visits to Tiruvannamalai) and according to him Sri Mathru Sarada and Sri Lakshmana Swamy are Jnanis. They don't advertise through posters and banners on conducting classes on self enquiry. I think these is some new fad and I don't know how many of these people are really genuine.

Arunachala Living said...

Probably most of the satsang teachers who come to Arunachala are professional and rely upon the money they get teaching to pay their bills. But that doesn't mean good things aren't happening.

The ONLY important thing is that people are coming to Arunachala - sometimes the lure is to take satsang of a particular teacher.

For me Ramana was the lure. When I came here I knew nothing about Arunachala. But once here things started to shift. Now Ramana isn't big in my life BUT Arunachala is!

David G has a strong connection with the two holy people you mention - in the same way other people have a connection with Sri Nannagaru or Thuli Baba (who both visit Arunachala) or someone else.

The wonderful joy of being here is that we don't have to worry about whether we are taking darshan or satsang by someone who is or isn't realised - the only thing that matters is WE ARE HERE WITH ARUNACHALA.

prakasam kannan said...

fantasticly said.yes here we are with ARUNACHALA.

Anonymous said...

for genuine bhaktas,and who are ripe enough,meditating in the hill will consume the last trace of ego-sense and grants liberation.but how many have reach such stage
:-( ?