24 May 2006

Mt. Shasta

Mt Shasta which has often been compared to Arunachala is located at the northern extremity of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, Siskiyou County, Northern California. The mountain which is the cone of an extinct volcano rising to a height of over 14,380 feet above sea level, is the largest volcanic peak in the continental United States.

Mt Shasta is regarded as a special, mystic power source. For some too it is the focus for angels, spirits, spaceships, and the Lemurians. Strange lights, clouds, shadows and sunsets add to the mystical aura of the mountain.

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Divyakka said...

My parents moved to Mt Shasta in 1995, specifically because my mother wanted to be in the aura of the “astral temples” she heard were inside the core of the mountain!

My four months there were filled with change outwardly, but in a purely physical description, I must say that it was the cleanest, purest-air and water, beautiful place I have ever been in. It is still a small town with a small and quiet population, the majority of who are retired and on welfare/living on pensions. (You can edit that comment out if you want, dear!) However, nowadays many plots around the foot of the mountain (and going up on it) is being bought up by rich millionaires, who build wonderful mansions to spend cool summer days in peace and beauty. We used to take walks and go through the scaffolding of mansions being built – it was quite fun guessing that this is the living room, that is a bedroom, that is a walk-in bedroom-sized closet, etc. My mother used to point out dozens of mansions that were vacated for years, as their owners were too busy to enjoy their wonderful retreat in Mt Shasta. Pity! The general population of simple, spiritual-minded residents are slowly decreasing, as they cannot afford the rising real estate due to all the rich people building houses on the mountain. Another Pity!