23 June 2006

Amritanandamayi and Devotees, 1982

Extract from Karthigai day at Tiruvannamalai, 1982 when Amritanandamayi and devotees are doing giripradakshina around Arunachala.

'That day Mother suddenly bolted out of our residence all alone. This was obviously an escape; she clearly did not want anyone to follow Her ... Having witnessed Mother's lack of body-consciousness, I knew that she might very well get lost. I followed her from a distance as she walked around Arunachala Hill, obviously in an intoxicated mood, Mother was walking at a very rapid pace and gradually she disappeared into the distance, leaving us behind.

We started driving around Arunachala Hill, looking intently for Amma. The previous day, while climbing the hill with her, we had come across many caves on both sides. Amma had gone into some of them to meditate and it was only after much urging that she could be persuaded to come out. While descending from the mountain, Amma had said, 'I don't feel like coming down, but thinking of you children I am restraining myself.'

We suddenly caught a glimpse of Amma's form, walking far ahead of us on the road ... It was a glorious sight to see Amma. She was swaying to and fro while walking, as if drunk. Her whole body was vibrating, and Her hands were forming sacred mudras. Her eyes were half closed and a blissful smile glowed on Her face ... After we had followed Amma for some distance ... slowly Amma came down to our level. Soon she was laughing and talking with us affectionately ... thus we all walked for the full eight miles around the hill.'

Swami Paramatmananda's book "On the Road to Freedom, part two:

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