16 June 2006

Arunachala Sannyasin

Probably something quickly noticed by the first time visitor to Arunachala, is the number of sadhus and sannyasins that are everywhere. On the pradakshina path, up the Mountain, in the Temple, at the Ashrams; and long may they come too! It's such a blessing to have these wonderful symbols of surrender and dedication to the Divine Principle here with us at Arunachala. They live a hard life and often get abused for the privilege of living it, long may they reign!


Divyakka said...

Such dedication and determination, a reminder in our daily lives of higher ideals.

Anonymous said...

Its wonderful at Arunachala to see so many sadhus and holy people. Pity there isn't more chance to connect with them somehow. Seem to recall that at Ananda Ashram, (Kerala) they have facilities for sadhus to stay for 3 days. Nice if some of the Ashrams did that at Arunachala.