25 June 2006

Arunachala Through The Yugas

[picture courtesy of D. McCambridge]

The Hill at Tiruvannamalai, forming part of the Javadi Hill range belongs to the gneiss variety also called igneous rock in Indian tradition through the ages. According to the Saiva text Vidyasarakotirudra-samhita Adhyaya, 20, this Hill:

was of Fire in the Krta-yuga
of Gem in the Treta-yuga
Gold in the Dvapara-yuga
and of Emerald in the Kali-yuga.

We are still in the Kali Yuga or Age of conflicts. According to the tradition, it will end with the incarnation of Kalki, the last Avatar of Vishnu, who on his white horse, must destroy what is to be destroyed.

But as the destruction rains, Sri Siva declares:

Let this perpetual and immobile Fiery Form of mine, famous as Arunadri, be present here forever. (27)

Even at the close of the Yugas the great oceans shall not submerge it, the winds shall not shake it and the fires shall not burn it. (28)

(Skanda Purana)

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