23 June 2006

Dr. Manickam

Yesterday afternoon I met Dr. Manickam for the first time. Dr. Manickam who is a Herbologist and specialises in herbal medicines, prescribes effective remedies for physical illnesses, and is also reputed to have considerable healing gifts.

Picture above shows Oliscevadi (Palm Leaf Writings) one of the resources Dr. Manickam consults whilst treating patients. The Leaves are over 700 years old. Certain Siddha remedies and ingredients for ayurvedic medicines are contained on them.

Much more about Dr. Manickam to follow in later Blogs. But for a fascinating story in his own words:

'I was born at Pavalakkundru in Tiruvannamalai as the last child of my parents. My mother Alamelu and father Venu were both ardent devotees of Sri Bhagavan. They have sat at the Maharshi's feet a number of times to learn from him the secrets of herbs and herbal medicine. The Master would give them detailed instructions on the preparation methods of various medicines which my parents duly and faithfully recorded.

Once, during a conversation with Bhagavan, my father told him that the castor plant did not possess enough juice. It was also hard to find the plant in the environs of Tiruvannamalai. Bhagavan then asked my father to go to Athimur on the Javadhu Hills, near Polur. There was a lake there and the plant could be sighted on its banks and ample juice could be extracted. My father went to Athimur, and found the plant on the exact location mentioned by Bhagavan.'


Divyakka said...

Lookig foward to more facinating facts about Dr. Manickam!

Anonymous said...

Me a some more spanish friends visited famous palm leaves reader center Agastya at Chennai and they used the technic of making questions so that they could make a story which could match your life.Again and gain they do that and say they don´t find your palm leaf until they find it, but with all the information they have gathered from your answers. Then they advise you to do special rites to purify your karma which may cost hundreds of euros. At the end , they get from you an inmense amount of money and you remain exactly the same.Today.s India is full of spiritual business at any cost .Your web should be more careful before advising magical konwledgement where there´s nothing but another hindu scam.We were cheated for 1.300 dollars..this is also India..

Arunachala Living said...

Dear friends from Spain:

Sorry to hear of your bad experience at Chennai with a palm leaf reader. And I hope people are more cautious in such matters when they read about the experience of you and your friends.

Palm leaf reading in South India is famous for many thousands of years. It is called nadi astrology. I have never personally experienced a nadi reading so have no comments to make.

But, I think you have misunderstood about palm leafs. In India before paper was widely available, important matters and records were always written on palm leafs. In the case of Dr. Manickam - he is not a fortune teller, nadi reader or astrologer. His palm leaves are written with information about ayurveda and herbs. He consults the palm leaves in the same way a Doctor consults a medical journal. There is no question of fortune telling in the process.

Hope the above clears things up. Nice to hear from you.