25 June 2006

Herbs on the Hill

'The herbs growing on the hill sides are supposed to possess the power to satisfy hunger, slake thirst, cure diseases, bring the dead back to life and turn base metals into gold. However a search for these herbs by people with base motives will be futile and they can be espied only by the most devoted. Devotees walking round the hill are benefited by the breeze wafting over the herbs'.

Its interesting to note that similar phenomenon have been noted in other 'power spots'. Sun Dagger site at Fajada Butte in the U.S., has a special sort of power. The Butte creates an environment that grows a variety of plants used by the indigenous population for spiritual and ritual purposes, plants that are not generally found on the surrounding plain. Special plants also grow on the mounds of the ruins of the ancient Native American astronomers that once inhabited the area. Although some feel the plants are equally powerful wherever they grow, the power of the plants is said to be increased by being on the butte.

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