21 June 2006

How It Looks To Him!

As scary as driving in India can be, with all the big lorries and buses and speeding two-wheelers - just imagine how spooky it looks to our four-footed brethern? And he's not wearing any shoes! Think about how it would be to face all of this with bare feet!


Divyakka said...

All the more intently points out the good qualities of animals - peaceful and accepting in all situations!

Arunachala Living said...

Its heart breaking to see these beautiful animals put to such difficult and unpleasant work. Its bad enough they have to have the dreadful yoke chapping their shoulders, filthy rope permanently stuck through delicate noses, to subsist on minimal food, to be left out in the burning sun tied up by a short rope so they can't even move their heads - but worst of all they have to deal with all the noise and chaos of the traffic and people on the streets.

What happened to the idea that animals should live in fields and have a blue sky above them?