17 June 2006

An Indian Swing

Took this picture this afternoon from my rooftop. Every second Saturday of the month, maintenance is performed on the Citys electricity system. So that means no electricity for most of the day; and no fans! So to cool down, some local kids tied up an old sari (sling style) to the branches of a tree at the side of an old, abandoned well and took turns to have a swing.

The sling hammock is the method used by most Indian ladies with small babies. From my experience there are very few families that buy children-specific items, like cribs or cots. No, most everything in this country is multi-functional. So when a sari gets too old then it is time to make a sling hammock for the baby, perfect!

[Arunachala is the green background of this picture]


Divyakka said...

Don't forget the other use of old saris - diapers for the tiny tots! ;-)

Arunachala Living said...

You know Divyakka that was actually something I didn't know - and come to think of it perhaps was happy in not knowing!!!