29 June 2006

Movie Actor and Arunachala

Its not just Ashrams and Saints who are responsible for bringing crowds to Arunachala. In this respect, a major factor in the last 10 years in popularising Arunachala amongst Tamils is the advocacy of one of South India's favourite movie actors, Rajni Kant. His support and dialogue about the efficacy and power of Arunachala and giripradakshina, has influenced many who would otherwise have had no knowledge or information about this sacred site.

Rajni Kant has been responsible in improving the infrastructure at Arunachala and personally funded the installation of lights on the girivalam path, in this way ensuring devotees are able to safely do circumambulation throughout the night.


Divyakka said...

That is very intriguing to know! And something that we could not easily find out. Good for you, for bringing to our attention the ways that popular media figures use their power for good.

Arunachala Living said...

The nice thing about him is that he is very sincere, a true devotee of Sri Arunachala.