7 June 2006

Muthu Vinayaka Temple

A day for Temples. Think this is a wonderful representation of just how integrated spiritual life is in the culture and ethos of this country. This small, rather neglected Temple is named Muthu (money) Vinayaka (Elephant God who removes obstacles), so the Temple's name literally translates as Temple of financial success.

In front of the Temple a bicycle/motorbike mechanic has set up shop and he has arranged a nice little canopy for himself to act as shade in the hot sun. You can notice a large amount of hose stacked up on the top of a tin hut in front of the Temple and a handsomely dressed young woman on the telephone at the right of the picture. Her shopping bags are in a doorway and right behind her is a rather bold movie poster. Well, that's life in India, enjoy!

1 comment:

Divyakka said...

How true – what a charming sight of the integration in India! A classic photo!!