1 June 2006

New Swimming Pool

Construction on the new swimming pool at the 3-Star Arunai Anantha Hotel is progressing slowly. It was supposed to have been finished by now, but as can be seen from this picture (taken yesterday) there is still a l-o-n-g way to go. The Hotel management are confident that the work, including support facilities i.e. snack bar, changing rooms, shower and toilet rooms will be finished within the next couple of months.The swimming pool will be open to non-residents as well as Hotel guests.

The Hotel plan on having a ladies only time complete with lady pool attendant for a specified period each day.

On its completion, Tiruvannamalai will have two swimming pools. The first pool, which is kept in impeccable condition, was opened about 2 years ago and is a few kilometres south of the Big Temple in town. It too is open to the paying public.

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Divyakka said...

Pity that the construction did not progress as planned. They are only losing out on a LOT of money – because business would be brisk during this, the Indian summer!