19 June 2006

Radha at Arunachala

As part of a series of holy people and sadhakas at Arunachala, here is a post of a lady named Radha. She originates from Bangalore where she was successfully working in a Computer Organisation but, on deciding to give up the world some years ago, she moved to Arunachala. Her husband became one of her devotees and she set up a small enclave just off the pradakshina road on the Northwest side of the Hill where she lived with several of her sannyasins. She has now moved to another location near her original place.

She is generally available to pilgrims in the season (late September-March) at which time she gives daily satsang lasting between 1-2 hours outside the Sri Kannappa Temple. She seems to attract mainly Western devotees.

Recently land was purchased on the south edge of Lake Samudra and work has already started on building a perimeter fence. Quickly planned will be the construction of five cottages for devotees and a large prayer/meditation hall. At this time no special facility on the land is being made for Radha Ma, who is taking an active interest in the development of the site and goes regularly to check progress.


SONAGIRI said...

Beloved sisters and brothers ,
Last november I stayed some days at the lotus feet of ARUNACHALA , where I have the holy Darshan of RADHA MA and AUM AMMA ... I remember always these darshan with tears in the eyes ... I seek since months on the net if I can find something about RAHA MA ...and today by the grace of DIVINE MOTHER I find your blog with a loving photo of MA ...Really I am very happy ; it is a divine blessing ... thank you very much for this so holy darsham ! Please friends and brothers of ARUNACHALA do you know other things about the life and the teachings of RADHA MA and AUM AMMA ? Have you other photos ?
Thank you for all , may RADHA MA and AUM AMMA bless you and give you all happiness and bliss ,

Arunachala Living said...

Tried to reply to your email but got bounced. So in response Aum Amma's website: www.aumamma.com

The site has many very good pictures of Aum Amma. If you send me working email address I will forward you another picture of Radha.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

See a lot of information and videos about Radha Ma and Aum Amma at the Guru's Feet gurus directory -

Radha Ma

Radha Ma

You can also add there information about them...