2 June 2006

Reluctant Playmate!

As well as the increase of water birds this season, snakes have also become more common. In this respect the dogs and I recently had an interesting encounter with a very large snake at the waters edge. In size it was massive (like a baby anaconda)the dogs were enchanted with something of such high, entertainment play value.

Fortunately the snake very graciously decided that four dogs and an accompanying biped were just too much to handle, and obligingly slithered quickly up into a tree. Its camouflage was excellent because, in spite of its huge size, it disappeared before our very eyes.

Fascinated I returned home to learn more about our recent friend. Because of its size and markings the idea of an Indian Python immediately came to mind. And checking details; it is a perfect match!

1 comment:

Divyakka said...

WOW, be careful where you walk! I had met many cobras in India, as well as a number of smaller snakes, but never such a huge snake as a python.