7 June 2006

Temple Today

In this photograph Arunachala is backdrop to the famous and powerful Arulmigu Durgai Amman Alayam which is located south east of Arunachaleswarar Temple.

According to certain Puranas, Durgai Amman was Vishnu's sister. We also read in the Puranas, that after the Goddess killed the demon Mahishasura, the lingam she took from his neck, became welded to the palm of her hand. To wash it off, Durga went to a Tank. But as the Tank was dry, she dug a hole with her sword and water gushed forth. She took a bath (in that water) and the lingam came off her hand all by itself. Durga then put the lingam on the edge of the tank and started worshipping it. The Godddess is supposed to have remained at this place to bestow favour on her devotees.

Since that time, the Tank has always had a regular water inflow and has never run dry. A famous celebration known as Dasara is particularly celebrated at this Temple. The festival (famous throughout India) celebrates the victory of the Goddess over evil.


Divyakka said...

Interesting story! The ancient legends of other temples that you pass by around the mountain, in little doses in your blog now and then, would be equally interesting and informative.

Arunachala Living said...

Thanks for the suggestion Divyakka - will definitely try and post information and legends about other Temples and sites at Arunachala.