8 June 2006

That Water Bottle!

Arunachala has always attracted sadhus and pilgrims but now with the huge increase of visitors to this area, particularly during Full Moon (Poornima) and Festivals, an increasingly large number of itinerants, beggars, and mendicants are also beginning to populate the streets of Tiruvannamalai. This area has a very good reputation for sadhu and poor feeding so at least most people can rely on a substantial lunch each day.

In India it is regarded as very auspicious during a pilgrimage to give money and food to both sadhus and beggars. So, as well as the daily free lunch offered by several Ashrams and other Organisations; a comparatively good living can be made on the streets of Tiruvannamalai.

One very charming acknowledgement to modern life in the photograph, is the ubiquitous water bottle, which has become an essential part of everyday life in India.

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