25 June 2006

Vortex in a Vortex in a Vortex

My thoughts on the phenomenon of the vortex (see earlier blog)is that I've always considered India itself to be an immense vortex of spiritual rarefied energy. Thus one could say that Arunachala's place in India is rather like that of a vortex in a vortex. But even here, at Arunachala itself, there seem to be variations of energy and vibration. So much so that many saints have counselled about direction and location regarding the most efficacious spots for sadhana and meditation.

In this respect, from my own experience, I believe there are two extraordinary powerful additional energy vortexes. One being the Annamalaiyar (Shiva) Shrine at the Big Temple (Arunachaleswarar Koil) and the other spot the Meditation Hall at Ramana Ashram. In regard to the former it seems as if the Temple Shrine is generating its own extraordinary, luminous aura. As to the latter, I've always wondered at the astonishing force in the Ramanasharam Meditation Hall. It has often been said that, 'Sleep is the ordinary man's (ordinary i.e. unenlightened) samadhi'. If this is true maybe that's the reason so many sadhakas often fall into a drowsy-like condition in that Hall!

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Sonia Wright said...

The local community has been enjoying and learning the intricacies of living in or nearby a landscape temple that through the centuries, if not longer, has been utilized as a place to connect with the heavens from an earthly plane. In the current times of challenge, we all seek some solution to what we are faced with. Coming to Sedona has become, in part, an answer to the questions we carry in our daily thoughts.

Ilchi Lee