12 July 2006

Arunachala Service

In the Skanda Purana Sri Siva explains to his consort the efficacy of engaging in Arunachala service. He tells of the unimaginable blessings received by people who display their reverence and obedience to the Divine and illustrates the extent of those blessings by giving examples of the result of Arunachala service:

A spider, going about her business, spun a cobweb of threads in some spot around Arunachala. This inadvertent
act was sufficient for the spider to reincarnate as a devotee with memory of its previous birth. The devotee returned to Arunachala with offerings of opulent silk cloths.

A glowworm of green colour came and made its nest in a branch nearby the Hill. The worm attained salvation because unintentionally its glow served in the place of a jyothi illuminating and worshipping Arunachala throughout the night.

A mouse inadvertently dragged a cluster of jewels into the sanctum sanctorum of the Siva Lingam of Arunachaleswarar Temple and thereby brightened the shrine. The worship was enough for the mouse to attain instant liberation.

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