22 July 2006

Crossing Arunachala

Since Arunachala itself is the Lord and the Shiva Lingam, pilgrims are forbidden to cross It. Once Vali, son of Indra, was flying over the mountain and although, he saw the great Arunachala worshipped by all Gods, he ignored it. When Vali ventured to cross over the mountain, he lost his strength and fell to the ground! Then, commanded by Indra to make amends by worshipping the Shiva Lingam, Vali acted accordingly and regained his strength and powers.

Once a Gandharva named Pushpaka, tried to cross the mountain and instantly got the face of a tiger. His followers were wonderstruck by the extraordinary phenomenon. Brahmarshi Narada came to his rescue and enlightened him about the sanctity of the mountain. With great repentance, Pushpaka offered puja to the Lord of Arunachala and quickly recovered his looks.

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