4 July 2006


"The atmosphere became more and more tense. The sun had now disappeared behind the mountain, and the great moment was drawing near for which everyone was waiting; the appearance of the Flame. Expectation filled every heart and showed on every face. It increased in harmony with the rhythm of the cosmos itself; as slowly beyond the horizon the moon rose into the sky, and from the peak of the Mountain, on which all eyes had been fixed for the last full hour, the flame mounted up, manifesting both outwardly and in the heart of the faithful, the mystery of Light which from the beginning has at the same time hidden and revealed itself in Arunachala."

[Words of Swami Abhishiktananda]

Swami Abhishiktananda first visited Arunachala in the late 40's, but lived here off and on for many years. He died in 1973, but is now regarded to be one of the pioneers in the spiritual and theological dialogue between Christianity and Eastern religions, and a bridge-builder between Hinduism and Christianity. More about Swami in later posts.

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