13 July 2006

E-Bikes Tiruvannamalai

E-Bikes bring good news to people interested in conserving energy, keeping Tiruvannamalai as pollution free as possible, and also helping their own pocket book!

This is the first time environment-friendly battery operated bikes have been available at Tiruvannamalai. These attractive little E-bikes, don't have petrol tanks, emit smoke or produce the roaring sound of a typical two-wheeler in the market. Four 12v high-end batteries attached to the vehicle feed the motor propelling the vehicle on the road. The batteries can be recharged time and again.

The owner of Sun E-Bikes, Tiruvannamalai told us that fully charged batteries will run the vehicle up to 50km at a maximum of 50kph. Since the batteries consume merely 0.8 unit of electricity, travelling 50km will cost Rs.1/-. Most importantly as the motor capacity of E-Bikes is below 50cc, there is no legal compulsion to either register the vehicle or possess a licence to operate it.

The Pondicherry Company (Planet-7 International) provides a one-year warranty for the vehicle. If well maintained, the 4-pack battery kit will last for at least 25,000 kms - new battery kits can be purchased later on. The Bike comes in lots of styles and colours. This definitely seems to be a step in the right direction in combating road pollution at Tiruvannamalai.


baskar said...


Thanks very much for this post, very informational. What is the current price of these bikes? It will be of great help, if and when, with grace, me and my family do get to stay for a while in Thiruvannamalai.


Arunachala Living said...

The scooters price from Rs.25,000-Rs.42,000. But the lightweight motorbikes - rather like a bicycle with a big battery - cost Rs.16,000/-

The Manager of the Showroom in Tiruvannamalai is called Diwakar Babu and his number is (0)4175-251818. You can give him a call for more information.

Divyakka said...

I have never heard of these bikes - fascinating! Thanks for the additional price info in the comments.

Arunachala Living said...

Hope the bikes will be good for the pollution problems of Tiruvannamalai. In 1994 when I first arrived everyone seemed to ride pedal bicycles - and then the Banks began to finance car and bike purchases, so all of a sudden there are cars, motorbikes and scooters everywhere.

In a short time it has got noisy, frentic and dangerous. So if the E-Bikes catch on a little, it will be great in helping to address some of the problems increased financial prosperity has brought to this area.

Divyakka said...

As the prices are for the E-bikes are less than normal scooters, and the scooters are anyway used mainly for short rides, I think it is really promising that they will catch on. Hooray! Noise and petrol pollution, be gone! (The bicycle-to-noisy-motor scooter transistion is certainlly universal in India - I saw the same happen in other villages.)

TaurenChieftain said...

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Srinivas said...

Nice post.. I'm gonna help reduce vehicle pollution by using these e-bikes.