13 July 2006

Electric Fusion!

This jumble of electric wires is a common sight on the streets of Tiruvannamalai - it looks like every electrician's nightmare! But saying that, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board are providing excellent service. Some years back the City was plagued with power shortages and hours of electricity rationing - not anymore! This summer the electricity supply ran with hardly a blimp - very nice too!


Divyakka said...

This is the scene not only in Tiru, but everywhere else in India too! I'm so glad the power supply is more stable for you nowadays!

Arunachala Living said...

Yes, the power situation here is really good nowadays. From reading overseas papers on the Internet - it seems like the power supply at Tiruvannamalai is much more reliable than at lots of places in the U.S. right now!