9 July 2006


Forest guards reported that a Hippopotamus was recently abandoned at a place called Kunnathur near Polur, Tiruvannamalai District, allegedly by a circus company. The hippo is currently being attended to. The District Officer in charge of Forest matters reported that:

"The animal is fine. Our forest guards are watching and taking care of the animal at a pond." After visiting the spot to get first hand information the officer also added that iron barricades had been erected around the pond to restrict the hippopotamus movement.

The officer further remarked, "We have asked the circus company for records pertaining to this animal and only after getting the records, we will take action. It may take a few days to move the animal to a safer place," he added.

Let us keep our fingers crossed that this story has a happy ending. Already there is a huge improvement in the poor creatures life by being separated from the Circus; it can only be wondered at what sort of conditions the poor creature had to suffer whilst with them! Will try to get more news on this as the story develops.

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