7 July 2006

Morning Walk

As is our custom the dogs and I went out early this morning for our daily walk and adventure. We are start off from here.

And we meet a local village lady collecting twigs from thorny bushes for her cooking fire. These bushes are excellent fuel and burn with a hot, fast flame; however the bushes are most unpleasant to handle as they are covered with sharp, pointed barbs. You need to be very experienced to touch them without getting stabbed by the thorns.

Further along we discover the discarded skin of one of the very many snakes that inhabit this peaceful and undisturbed area where, providing it pays a modicum of attention, a snake can live to a ripe old age!

The dogs have a grand time prowling and digging, looking for small bones amongst the leafy vegetables local ladies have recently planted at this beautiful protected conservation area.


VS said...

I am VS and I am mailing from Chennai. I enjoy reading your blog.
I gather that you live in Tiruvannamalai. I am a devotee of Arunachala and do frequently visit Tiruvannamalai. I have provided your link in my blog "http:\shravanam.blogspot.com"

I appreciate your posts and like your blog.

Divyakka said...

I loved the description in your morning walk - delightful! Really brings India to life. How different from the cement city where I live.