8 July 2006

Municipal Regeneration

A lot of money is coming into Arunachala to finance a multitude of municipal regeneration projects; road widening, electrification of outlying areas, new sewer systems, deepening and improvement of existing tanks, paved areas for pilgrims on giri pradakshina of the Hill etc. Will report on a lot of such projects in later Blogs.

In the meantime here is news of a current project being undertaken at Pular Kulam, a water tank in VOC Nagar about one kilometre from the Big Temple in town. A few months ago this tank was in a nasty condition; the water was stagnant, full of refuse and rubbish and unsuitable to use. Subsequently the Tank was drained and is currently in the process of being deepened and its sides reinforced; when work on the tank is finished, Pular Kulam will provide a good source of water for the immediate area.


Divyakka said...

I am always impressed with your awareness of important issues in Tiruvannamalai and surrounding Arunachala. Keeping us informed makes Arunachala seem that much closer to us.

Arunachala Living said...

Thanks for your kind words. Always appreciate suggestions and recommendations from readers. It's of course nice to get such positive feedback!