10 July 2006

Pavalakunru Temple

It is at Pavalakunru on the north east foot of Arunachala, that Gautama Rishi in Puranic times, was supposed to have done his penance. According to the Arunachala Mahatmyam, it is here that he had a Ashram and received Parvati when she came to Arunachala to perform tapas.

Nowadays there is a beautiful Temple located on top of this giant rock. In 1898 Ramana Maharshi came to Pavalakunru and lived in a small room at the Temple.

This is one of the most fascinating and unique Temples at Arunachala - but for some reason people don't come - I expect because they don't know about it. Those who make a trip to the top of the Pavalakunru spur are grateful they took the time to locate this difficult to find Temple. The view is spectacular and the energy at the Shrine beautiful. But remember to duck when you go into the little room Ramana Maharshi used for his meditation(!).

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