26 July 2006

Pradakshina Anthill

This is the front view of a rather magnificent anthill on the pradakshina road. It obviously has a very diligent minder, as it's being maintained very nicely. Often these vacated anthills get a snake as the new tenant - if that is the case here, then everyone would be very happy - including the snake.

Curiously in India there is a great distinction made between 'wild' snakes and 'worshipped' snakes - the former is greatly feared as there are many snake-related deaths throughout India each year - and the latter, i.e. the 'worshipped' snake is right on the gravy train - lots of fresh milk, raw eggs and other such delectables to tempt its snake's palate!

This is the back view of the same anthill. It's rather interesting the way the dirt seems to pour over the rocks - obviously, some very artistic ants used to be the residents of this pradakshina anthill!

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