26 July 2006

Service to Arunachala

The Sage Gautama relates to the Goddess Parvati, who has come to him to hear of the Glory of Arunachala, more instances of how non-humans have received benefit by service (albeit rendered unknowingly), to Arunachala.

A thirsty elephant, uprooting trees and whatsoever was in his path, accidentally caused honey to be spilt on Arunachala and in so doing became liberated and was transformed into the Lord of Ganas.

Cows yielding streams of milk on remembering their calves whilst standing at Arunachala have attained salvation.

A certain crow, eager to snatch prasad from an offering, fluttered its wings and the wind arising therefrom swept the place in front of Arunachala and thus immediately secured the crow liberation.

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