11 July 2006

Shivas Proclamation

Sri Siva said:
Since I manifested myself in the form of a lingam in the field of battle, this place will be known as Lingasthana. (18)

O sons, this column without root or top will henceforth be diminutive in size for the sake of the vision and worship of the world. (19)

The lingam emblem confers enjoyment. It is the only means of worldly enjoyment and salvation. Viewed, touched or meditated upon, it wards off all future births of the living beings. (20)

Since the lingam emblem rose high resembling a mountain of fire, this shall be famous as Ruddy (Aruna) mountain. (21)

Many holy centres will spring up here. A residence or death in this holy place ensures liberation. (22)

The celebration of chariot festivals, the congregation of devotees, the presentation of ordinary as well as sacrificial gifts and offering of prayers at this place shall be millionfold efficacious. (23)

Of all my sectors this sector shall be the greatest. A mere remembrance of me at this place shall accord salvation to all souls. (24)

Hence this sector shall be greater than all other sectors, very auspicious, full of all sorts of welfare and according salvation to everyone. (25)

Worshipping me in my supreme lingam form at this place and performing the other sacred rites shall accord the five types of salvation. May all of you achieve all your cherished desires. (26)

Sivapurana, Chapter 9

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