2 July 2006

Velliananda Swami

Velliananda Swami, at the age of 79 years, lives in a humble mud house in the village of Kurumarpatti about 25 kms from Arunachala. Swami has lived in the same area since a young man. He rarely travels to Tiruvannamalai, preferring to practice a life of simplicity close to the natural surrounding of his village. As well as his other spiritual attainments, he is also thought to have strong healing and visionary powers, and many people (Indian and Western) visit him for help and inspiration with both spiritual and worldly problems.

Swami rarely visits Tiruvannamalai. He believes in the words of the Skanda Purana which declares that the land within a radius of three yojanas (approximately 30 miles) of Arunachala is the land of Siva (Siva Bhumi). Velliananda Swami has been known to retort that by living in his village he is near enough to experience the spiritual power and energy of Arunachala, without (by being close to the base of Arunachala) stepping on Lord Sivas face!


Divyakka said...

Have you ever seen this holy person? What were your experiences?

Arunachala Living said...

I send messages to him whenever someone I know is going to his village - and Swami sends messages back with them for me. Swami has invited me many times - but so far haven't gone.

Hope to meet him here next time he comes on one of his trips to Arunachala (comes about 3 times a year and stays for just a couple of hours each time).

When I arrange trips for people to go to him, I always send a good translator (he doesn't speak English).

He definitely has some God inspired powers!