3 July 2006

Yogi and Ayn Rand

Yogi Ramsuratkumar speaking to a devotee once said that the writer Ayn Rand had written a book titled Virtue of Selfishness. In it she condemned all Mahans, Jnanis and Gurus and spoke of selfishness being a virtue!

Yogi asked this devotee, Have you read this book of Ayn Rand? The devotee said, No! For the next three hours Yogi spoke about the contents of the book, page by page, how she was wrong and what was the reply for it all. Yogi then said to the devotee, This beggar is very tired. Let me take some rest. And lay down.

Within ten minutes a foreigner knocked at the door. He said to Yogi, I learnt that you are a great saint living in Tiruvannmalai. I desire to discuss Ayn Rands book with you! At once Yogi looked at his devotee and said, Answer! The devotee poured forth all that he had just listened to Yogi! In reply to Ayn Rands accusation that Mahans were also selfish, Yogi said, When Mahans have no self how can they be selfish?

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