18 August 2006

Adi Annamalai

The two major Shiva Temples of Arunachala are the Adi Annamalai Temple located at the west and Arunachaleswarar Temple at the east.

Annamalai is another name for Arunachala. According to legend the first Shiva lingam consecrated by Brahma is said to be in this temple. Hence the word Adi (first, primeval) which refers to the lingam rather than the Temple.

'I have installed and worshipped a Lingam on the west of the Holy Lingam Mountain of Arunachaleswarar. I have done this for the sake of removing unwanted karmas in the world. The Siva Lingam I have installed is undoubtedly Lord Siva who is both form and formless and is called Adi Annamalaiyan.'

[Arunachala Puranam]

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