1 August 2006

Animal Clinic

On June 30th, 2006 the Municipal Council gave the free use (for five years) of land and existing structure on the Chengam Road to the Karuna Society for Animals and Nature (Tiruvannamalai Branch). Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, Honorary Chairman and Clementien Pauws, Founder.

The area of land is approximately 11,000 sq feet and the building upon it 1,200 sq feet. Currently work is underway to renovate the existing structure and add additional ones.

When complete the facility will be comprised of: Clinic, pre-operating room, sterile operating room, post recovery area, convalescent area and isolation area. The additional structures will include kitchen, office and animal restraining area.

As well as the above the Municipality has also agreed to provide the Society with permanent use of a lorry (with fuel), driver and two dog catchers.

Once set up, the Clinic will offer free sterlisations to both male and female dogs but to begin with the emphasis will be sterlising female dogs.

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Divyakka said...

I am very, very happy to hear this news! Yea for Clementien and her efforts to help the neglected animals in India.