23 August 2006

Exciting Times

These are exciting times at Arunachala, as increasingly diverse groups are being attracted to the magnetic pull of the Mountain. It has been recently stated that: 'Arunachala will become the Rishikesh of South India', 'It will be the most famous and visited pilgrimage site in Asia' and 'What is beginning to happen here is only the beginning'.

There is no doubt that there is tremendous change in the air, it feels like a 'sleeping giant' has 'awoken'. Who knows the extent of the Glories Sri Arunachala will bring to Humanity.

This Blog is part of a developing, interlinking Arunachala resource called Arunachala Grace Network, which is committed to documenting, circulating and archiving information about the Holy Hill. We feel as an independent concern, we are able to lend a disinterested and unbiased voice in communicating information about Arunachala.

Currently our offering is comprised of:

Arunachala Grace Newsletter (monthly)

We will be vigorously developing these vehicles and others, to not only provide information and inspiration to Arunachala devotees, but to also make the Holy Hill accessible to a wider public; to one who perhaps previously would not have been interested in something to be found in esoteric India!

As well as the above offerings we will also be involved in producing high-quality paintings, photographs and videos of the Holy Hill and sponsoring translations of rare Tamil works about Arunachala into English and thereafter making the translations available on the worldwide web.

This is a new time, an exciting time. One in which Arunachala will truly shine as a beacon in the darkening skies of a sad and crushed world populace. At this important juncture we invite your loving support for the continued development of this worthy work. For details on how to help please contact:

Meenakshi Mammi at arunachalana@fastmail.fm
[picture above of Pandurang Vithala]

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what an amazing, fantastic picture. Love it.