1 August 2006

Greatest Kshetra

Nandikeswara said:

In the Dravidian region of South India, there is the greatest place dearest to Siva called Arunachala, Arunachala is to this world what the heart is to the whole body. It is everything for Siva. For the benefit of the world, Siva took the form of a mountain and settled himself as Arunachala, even those in heaven desire to live there as they are aware that even worms attain salvation effortlessly.

There is no sacred place like Arunachala. There is no better discipline than devotion. There is no better protection that that afforded by vibhutti. There is no happiness superior to detachment. There is no position superior to salvation. If other kshetras are abodes of Siva, Arunachala is the absolute form of Siva himself.

[Extract - Aurora of Arunachala]

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