26 August 2006

John de Ruiter

Continuing the series about different teachers and/or holy people who have a connection with Arunachala here is a painting of John de Ruiter done by a guest staying at Gopi and Chitra's ashram Ananda Niketan.

Although John de Ruiter hasn't paid a visit to Arunachala for over 5 years, he is in fact no stranger to Tiruvannamalai. Previously he would come and stay and make himself available for public talks at Sri Seshadri Ashram in Ramana Nagar. Part of his fundamental teaching is:

'Honesty is the most profound happening that one could ever experience. It finally takes us from the illusory path to Truth directly onto the road of Truth. Every other path leads directly away from Truth.'


BanA said...

Yes honesty is great....especially
being honest when your powerful guru game means you have no qualms about cheating on your wife with not one but, at least two starry-eyed devotees and stashing thousands of dollars in various accounts....come on John;
it's all out there now..time to be honest about it!Better still, let your wife tell us all about you!

Arunachala Living said...

Sorry for the delay in posting your comment. I was reluctant to post it because its so negative. But then I thought, 'Hey why am I trying to sanitise this and make out everything in the spiritual world is light and glory'.

Things happen, people have different experiences and takes on things. Your comment is completely valid. So here it is posted.

Divyakka said...

It is tragic that so much negativity is being said about people outwardly dedicated to the spiritual path - how discouraging it is to us ordinary people! Who and what to believe? People professing spirituality should have the guts to admit whatever they did wrong. What satisfaction could living a lie bring? (Except continuing money and devotion…hmmmm.) On the other hand, we should not believe rumors that we hear or read about. We have all had lies told about us behind our backs, that we hear about later on, so give people the benefit of the doubt before believing accusations. These are just general comments and not directed only towards John de Ruiter, whom admittedly I know nothing about.

Arunachala Living said...

Yes its a fine balance and definitely dont wish to defame anyone (even if they deserve it). However the Guru relationship is a unique one because the devotee often transfers so much personal power to the teacher. So maybe its a good thing to say right at the beginning, 'Here are the good things people say and here the bad stuff. Make your own mind up'.

jeanclyde said...

Sad that some human beings need to find fault. If you could just let the love of truth guide you. But your truth is based on belief of being separate. Your belief is that LOVE is an isolated emotion, confined to one or a few people.

Anonymous said...

It's all about keeping your eyes open. Does John De Ruiter have blind spots? Having spent a great deal of time around him I'd have to say yes. Does he pull in a lot of money? Yes again, but when you're building a little empire it takes money (not ness. a bad thing).Up close and personal he is very disarming and I would have to say,authentic.
Was giving his wife an ultimatum and starting a relationship with two devotee sisters off? I'd say yes and I'd say harmful.
Should we all lay down and get stupid because someone is supposedly in the know (as some of the comments here imply), "NO".God given intelligence says it all. PHM

Anonymous said...

Sad that families split over being a "John follower". Treating this guy like God and being so mesmorized with HIM that you go to every meeting (3 times a week), every seminar (which are just like the meetings but everyday for about 10 days) and even leave your country and family just to follow John...smacks of a cult. Follow me and drink the kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain..." This snake-oil's about to be revealed for what it is. The sisters are gone, the latest flavour's in (and married as I understand it!) and the litigations are set to go. Stay tuned for the "truth" to be revealed!!