18 August 2006

Laksmana Swamy

Laksmana Swamy's was born at Gudur, Andhra Pradesh on December 25th, 1925. In 1949 in his search for a Guru, he spent time at Ramana Ashram. Whilst there he practiced the 'Who Am I?' enquiry suggested by Ramana Maharshi. It was as a result of this enquiry that led him to pass a note to Sri Ramana saying:

'O Bhagavan, in your presence and by the quest (Who Am I?) I have realized the Self'.

Since his realisation Sri Laksmana Swamy, a direct disciple of Sri Ramana, has taught disciples through silent sitting. Mathru Sri Sarada came later into Lakshmana Swamy's life. She became his adopted daughter and successor and as a result of devotion to her Guru Sri Laksmana, she realized the Self.

Laksmana Swamy and Saradamma live in a secluded house set in a beautiful tree and peacock-filled compound. The compound is not available to visitors, however sometimes devotees choose to sit and meditate outside the compound gates.

Laksmana Swamy and Saradamma are available for satsang only on special festival days. Previously Laksmana Swamy elected to give satsang about 5-6 times a year, but as his health and circumstances change, the frequency of his public meetings have decreased.


Divyakka said...

I remember being completely facinated with their story in a book I read about them long, long ago. Do you know the title of the book or where it is available? Have their devotees created a website for them? Have you ever met them? Do they live in Tiruvannamalai or somewhere else?

Arunachala Living said...

No there is no website for them. They in fact live a very reclusive life. Lakshmana Swamy is from Andhra and when he decided to move to Arunachala, some devotees living there, followed him. New people don't really get a chance. There is a brilliant book about them, called 'No Mind — I Am The Self' and is written by David Godman. Probably can buy it straight off DG's site: www.davidgodman.org

Anonymous said...


I am Raghavan from Bangalore. I recently happened to read David Godman's book on Sri Lakshmana Swami. I have also read several other books by him. It would, in fact, be true to say that it was David Godman, or more precisely his books, that drew me to Bhagavan. I am eternally grateful to him.

I would like to be in touch with devotees of Sri Ramana Maharishi. Readers of this blog comment may kindly get in touch with me - via email nrn1in@yahoo.com or mobile 9845121896.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Saradamma and Bhagavan still living in Arunachala. I get to see them in my visit to India. Saradamma has 4 brothers and a sister. Saradamma's mother is in Bangalore. Father is no more. I am happy to say that i served them long time while i was in India. It is not that easy to live with them unless you are surender your self. But my stay with them was the best in my life. I close my eyes and i can see them and i can be with them any time i want. They bless me like that. What ever i do, Where ever i am, I am always with them.

Anonymous said...

We were sitting in front of their door to meditate. We were more than 2 weeks in Tiruvannumalai, before I heard of Sri Laksmana and Saradamma.
I am very sorry, that it took as such a long time to know that they are there. But it was the most authentic vibration of self-realisation, that could be felt amoung human beings, until this moment. Even while I could not meet them directly. I hope to meet them directly in this life. I am very happy for their existence.
Thank you. Are there possibillities to meet them, even for a short time?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

To Anonymous who posted a comment dated January 27, 2011 -- from what I understand Lakshmana Swami does not meet even with close devotees of many years standing.

However, I've heard that sometimes pious devotees who shows perseverance in meditating outside the compound of Laksmana Swami and Saradamma, will pass a note to the gardener/watchman for Saradamma -- which may get a direct response from her.

Anonymous said...

website for Sri Lakshmana Swamy and Mathru Sri Saradamma: mathrusrisarada.org. Very interesting website--check it out.

Anonymous said...

Do they still give darshan at home on 25th december ?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Regarding the question about whether or not Lakshmana Swamy gives darshan on Christmas Day, I believe they stopped giving darshan on celebratory days some years back.

You may want to check out their website:

to view some videos of them at their Ashram.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amma.