9 August 2006

Massage Therapist

This is Suresh Raj with his lovely wife and young child, Jacob. He met his wife in Chennai at a Pentecost Church and they made a love marriage (that means not an arranged marriage) in August, 2005. Suresh is the only ayurvedic massage specialist in the Arunachala area, and consequently much sought after. He specialises in blood circulation and nerve and spine massages.

He says Ayurvedic Massage is mainly concerned with spine work and thus very helpful in cutting paranoia and fear. It helps the body to revitalise and energetically feel better. Suresh believes the energy field at Arunachala (like Lei Lines) is conducive to Ayurvedic Massage.

He is so sensitive that when he touches people he can immediately tell if the client is bad or troubled, as it affects his own breathing by making him short of breath. Of course I just had to ask Suresh Raj whether most of the clients who come to him at Tiruvannamalai are good, adjusted people? Happily (or diplomatically?) he answered, Yes!


Divyakka said...

It is really interesting to read of such good people in Tiru - and probably good for their business too :-).

And I LOVE the new pop-up window - I can write my comments and send them in, without losing my reading place on the blog! WELL DONE! :-)

Sean Haber is a member in good standing of the CMTO said...

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