5 August 2006


For your convenience I have included a subscribe facility to Arunachala Grace Newsletter in the left hand column of this Blog (under the Email Button). This free Newsletter e-zine is monthly and comes via your email address. To let you have a look at a Newsletter I'm including a link in this post which will take you to a copy of the August issue of Arunachala Grace News.



SONAGIRI said...

For the first time I had the joy to read ARUNACHALA NEWSLETTER ; it is a precious gem for all the seekers , all the lovers of BHARAT and TIRUVANNAMALAI ; It is really a light in the sky of ARUNACHALA ... Thank you very much for this blessing of ARUNACHALA SHIVA ...


Arunachala Living said...

Thank you Sonagiriji for your kind and gracious words. Our work on the Newsletter is so people can keep in touch with something that is very important to them.