30 August 2006

No Guru Zone

The agenda of this Blog is to give information about Arunachala and what's happening here. Every so often that will include information about visiting saints, holy people and/or wannabes. It depends on what I hear and whether or not I feel the person is relevant to what I'm trying to communicate. Sometimes people will be left out and sometimes, even more controversially they will be included. It's not for me to inspect credentials.

Personally, I would prefer to declare Arunachala a NO GURU ZONE as if there is one place on earth that doesn't need Gurus it's here. Even the illustrious Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sri Seshadri Swamigal bowed their heads and looked upon themselves only as devotees to Arunachala-Shiva.

As for present day Gurus, not many seem to come as devotees - rather preferring to see themselves as World Teachers. Occasionally however we are visited by the genuine article; one of these being a holy man from Andhra Pradesh, Sri Nannagaru. His regular visits to Arunachala are intended as his own pilgrim to his Satguru Arunachala-Ramana, unfortunately he doesn't get much own space as he is followed by a goodly number of people eager for instruction and help, so generally Swamiji makes himself available whilst here.

But by and large in this age of the deification of teachers and saints, there is a shift of emphasis; and some look at Arunachala as just one more stop in the satsang circuit, falling between Sedona and Europe! Be that as it may, what is important is, for whatever reason people are led to this sacred site and thereby come under the auspicious influence of Arunachala, this Vortex of Impeccability. So everything will work out just fine!

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Divyakka said...

A no-guru zone in a place famous for its spirituality?! Dream on! Wherever there are people who either are pure and follow strict spiritual discipline OR who advertise themselves as great spiritual beings/gurus/avatars, there will be people ready to fall at their feet and worship them with cash and kind.