22 August 2006

Poor Romeo

This is rather a tragic story about a frog that ended up as dinner to one hungry snake. Yesterday evening as I was coming down from my roof I had to pass by a pair of love-struck frogs on the outside stairwell. Whatever they were performing they were approaching with an inordinate amount of vigour. My dogs were too astounded to actually do anything and I was quite easily able to shepherd them around the moonstruck couple and back into our home.

This afternoon my maid servant, Jaya Laxmi came to me quite distraught. There was something in the garden under one of the bushes and she wanted me to come out immediately. When I got out to the garden I looked around in the general area in which Jaya Laxmi was pointing and quickly spotted the reason for her consternation. There right in the mouth of a snake was one part of the love duet from yesterday evening. Can't really get a better indicator of the transitory nature of life than that! From bedroom to dining-room in one day and ending up as the main course! Poor little Romeo!


Divyakka said...

Oh my oh my, what a story and what a perfect photo to prove it! Yes poor Romeo. Such is life.

Arunachala Living said...

I have updated this story with a correction - it gets worse - Romeo has turned out to be a Juliet! Oh No!