4 August 2006

Ramana Report

Sri Ramana Maharshi on many occasions reported on the extraordinary happenings on and inside the Hill. In the book, Letters from Sri Ramanashramam by Suri Nagamma, some of these conversations are reported in great detail:

Recently (c.1949) when the Temple in Adi Annamalai was renovated, it was reported that in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple a large tunnel was found,and when people tried to find out its extent they saw that it was extending to the very centre of the Hill. As they could not go in very far, they came back. I therefore thought that that which had occurred to me and that which is in the Purana appeared to be true, and that the tunnel was the way to the place I had seen.

It is reported that Siddha Purushas come from the cave inside to the Temple through the tunnel night after night and go back after worshipping Iswara. Why so far? Recently, something like that was seen even here. I was going on to the hill as usual when, as I was getting near the steps over there, a big city appeared before me. There were huge buildings of several varieties; well-laid thoroughfares; good lighting; and it appeared to be a great city. At one place, a meeting was being held. Chadwick was with me. He was even saying, Bhagavan, all this is so self-evident. Who will believe if we say this is all a dream! Everything appeared as if it was actually happening . . .

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