8 September 2006

Arunachala News

This month we have started posting Arunachala narratives and photographs on a new Blog www.arunachalanews.com which we are authoring on behalf of a U.K. Company, Syntagma Media. We certainly hope our information reaches an audience through Syntagma Media that would not otherwise have the opportunity of hearing about Arunachala.

Great care will be taken not to duplicate posts and photographs, so once you've finished reading here, why not check out:


Satyam, Bangalore said...

I checked the new blog you recommended - arunachalanews - and it's really interesting BUT like this site arunachalagrace better - no advertisements. What a difference that makes! Love this site. Thanks.

Divyakka said...

All success to your new venture! I will definitely visit it as frequently as I can, and leave comments. You write about such interesting and informative things, and so brilliantly, too!

Arunachala Living said...

Thanks divyakka. The best part is I think in the new Blog will be connecting with many people who have never heard of Arunachala.