3 September 2006

Good Morning

These trees are date palms and they have fruits high up in the fronds that are round, purple-black and look like small bowling balls. When you open up the fruit you find a tasty but gelantinous insides. You can see Arunachala peeping through the trees.

Three of my mad dogs chasing the fourth one through the water. You don't often see Indian country dogs playing. I once asked someone about this and he suggested generally Indian country dogs spend most of their day prowling around ensuring they have enough to eat and thus don't have much time for extra fun and games! That sounds about right - lucky my rascals don't have to worry about their mealtimes!

A beautiful photograph of Arunachala with rutted bullock cart tracks heading towards it. You cannot believe how muddy and impassable it becomes even with a small amount of rain. To walk across you often have to take off your sandals and go barefoot, otherwise you shoes get left behind in the mud. I recently saw a tractor get totally stuck in just one day's mud. Good honest clay hereabouts!

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