23 September 2006

Minister's Visit

This week Minister MK Stalin (son of our current Tamil Nadu Chief Minister) visited Arunachala. During his visit, which was highly anticipated by his supporters, he laid the foundation stone for the Rs.29 crore underground drainage scheme at the Government Boys Higher Secondary School. This new drainage system is also a part of the Urban Renewal of Tiruvannamalai City.

It was announced at an earlier meeting that underground drainage schemes would be extended to three other Municipalities in the District.

In addition to the above, information was also given regarding a scheme to impart computer education to rural people. The scheme has already been implemented in seven villages with the installation of 175 computers at an estimated cost of Rs 1 crore.


Divyakka said...

Wow, how amazing about computer training in villages! But the question is: will the supply of electricity be stable enough to maintain the village computers? I was using a computer in one remote village and within two years it was dead, leaving in its trail two burned up UPS (battery supply/staboliser) machines and several burnt wires, before becoming totally useless after a string of repairs. The verdict was completely unstable power supply.

Arunachala Living said...

Things are getting better all the time. Tiruvannamalai used to have lots of electricity problems. But bit by bit this area and surrounding rural areas that draw power from our generators are getting more efficient.

However there is the problem with power surge. In the town of Tiruvannamalai itself that seems to have been resolved but for countryside folk - its a big problem.

This week one particularly nasty surge fried my UPS/surge protector. The unit is top-of-the line but it got totally cooked. Sending it back to the manufacturers today and hopefully will get a replacement.