25 September 2006


I was reading Jody's:
http://www.guruphiliac.blogspot.com report on Swami Nithyananda and found it fascinating because Swami is, one could say, a local lad. His family still live in an Indian old fashioned style home a short distance from the Big Temple. I recently also had a very interesting chat with my auto rickshaw driver about Nityananda's brother. You can never hide anything from your rickshaw driver! In France they say 'A woman only tells the truth to her priest and her hairdresser'. Well in India replace 'priest and hairdresser' with 'rickshaw driver'.

Anyhow it's really fascinating seeing how Westerners react to Indians. Definitely if you've got liquid brown eyes, an effulgent glowing skin and extreme good looks there is no way a budding Guru is not going to become popular with Western devotees.

A visiting Indian sadhaka talking to a group of Westerners said: 'You come to India, look at our Swamis and think they are very great and you are very small. What you don't understand is Indians have vasanas too, they are just different, so you don't recognise or identify them.' Profound and true words.

If you want to understand more about Guru Dynamics I recommend the brilliant book 'Holy Madness' by Georg Feurestein in which he investigates the relationship between Guru and Disciple and the reasons for our belief in the Guru system. Also continue reading Blogs like Guruphiliac that give insights and news about Gurus and the Guru system; a very good source of information!


SONAGIRI said...

Dear MEENAKSHI , I am so happy to read about SWAMIJI NITHYANANDA , a very great SATGURU... Perhaps two years ago , surfing on the net , I foud SWAMIJI'site and I had a very loving darshan... Last november I was sitting on the stairs of SRI RAMANASHRAMAM just in front the books shop ... It was a very nice full moon day ... suddenly some people went out of the RAMANA samadhi hall, with cameras ... and I recognized SWAMIJI ... Really I was very happy to have His holy DARSHAN again ; He gives me a very warm namaskar and looked at me deeply with eyes full of Love and a so nice and loving smile ... I remembered always these eyes and this smile full of Love ...


Meenakshi Mammi said...

Dear Sonagiriji: it sounds like you are very fortunate when you come to Arunachala and get very satisfying experiences. Yes Swami Nithyananda really does have beautiful and magnetic eyes.